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I discovered on the CPC Message boards a detailed critical analysis of Brogo's first month. For you eager readers here is:

Brogo - the Comic Strip

This is a new and continuing online comic strip. The home page was created August 26, 2004 and the strip itself appears in January of this year. It is ongoing.

The story is well scripted. Drawings are simplified to icons, an excellent strategy because they complement the clever dialogue.

Web comics, by the way, cost nothing to colour. In hard copy, colour is too pricey for most self-publishers. The colour in this comic is simple and suitable.

To start with we meet a human, Bob Blannick, who goes to the local tech shop to buy Robot 1.02. He tries bargaining, but without success. After forking over the full price, Bob leaves with his robot-in-a-box.

Whoever is laying out the 'camera' shots within the store obviously knows something about filming, because we have Cam 1, Cam 2, Cam 3, Cam 4 for four different camera points of view. The action jumps back and forth between the four.

Once home and assembled , the robot becomes somewhat demanding. He demands a name, so is christened "Robot - Robo - BROGO!" What could be more logical?

The story leads the reader through cliff hanger after cliff hanger. Brogo's adventures even include slipping on a banana peel.

(Then comes an eleven-day break in the series, as the webmaster takes care of his final semester exams and the computer starts acting up.)

Brogo, impatient after those pesky interferences, storms back in fine form. He conducts a scientific experiment in gravitation and drops a hammer and a feather to see which hits the ground first.

The hammer hits the mailman; we don't learn what happens to the feather. It may have won the race to the ground.

The hammer is broken, the mailman is in hospital.

Two days later he is discharged from hospital, luckily in a forgiving mood. Bob lays down the law to the unrepentant Brogo: NO MORE EXPERIMENTS WITH GRAVITY!

February 1st and 2nd: Brogo plots revenge against Bob for "grounding" him, and...

I will tell you no more. Follow the story yourselves at


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